Hello from the founder Ella Masters


So who is RubyRaeLove?

My name is ella and I am the founder of RubyRaeLove, it has always been a dream to run a little business making and selling jewellery, ever since I was a child making and dismantling old necklaces, brooches anything I could get my hands on.

We were established in the spring of 2011, after a long awaited summer before collecting and making bespoke pieces, after a break and a little soul searching I am back with a stronger brand and a more savvy approach I hope you like our stuff.

What kind of stuff do you create?

Well over here at RubyRaeLove we have a bit of a “boho” vibe, pretty chilled and we love to layer so you can imagine we like to create pieces that have a lot of character and a lot of individual touches.

My shop was founded on a need to provide exciting and different pieces most of what I create is made in my little home studio in london.